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Following the first incidence of Covid-19 disease in the country in March and its rising cases, the Government put in place a few measures to limit the spread of the deadly pandemic which included a restriction on movement both interstate and internationally. The implication of which was the shutdown of most businesses, although essential workers have little or no restriction. This new development is an obvious alteration of the daily routine of many people, who are now confined to their homes.

While this current situation persists, it is only essential that to remain being productive, one needs to apply time management skills. Time management is the deliberate regulation/allotment of time spent on certain activities, which if used efficiently would lead to more productivity. It is thus pertinent that time is managed efficiently to ensure full maximization.

The first consideration in time management is to start with a clear focus on what is set to be achieved. This is reinforced in the quote that says “By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail.” A notepad or notebook app on your mobile devices comes in handy. Having a focus on the set tasks gives room to assess, modify and strategize on the tasks. There is room for prioritization which ensures that you bring focus on high value tasks that need your immediate attention.

The task list must be dynamic such that it can be easily updated by adding more tasks to it. Regularly update and check on the tasks set. Upon identifying your high value tasks, which are important and of positive yield, you would resist the temptation to start with the least important tasks. Avoid multi- tasking as this can reduce concentration that is needed on a particular task

While interruptions are inevitable, it can at best be minimized. There should be checks to deal with interruptions. An effective strategy would be to first identify your distractions. Identification would help bring to light, those activities that tend to disrupt your work flow. Sometimes, distractions are common like the mobile phones and other communications gadgets, while others are personal to the individual. The second step would be to implement measures to minimize such interruptions. A good tactic would be to not to use mobile devices (put on airplane mode or switch off data) while performing an important task.

Review is very important in time management. Upon setting a deadline for tasks, you set a considerable time to review the tasks on the task list for assessment. Assessment is simply to determine whether the task was completed or not. Was it concluded before or after the deadline? What were the problems you faced in trying to achieve your tasks? What are the possible solutions to prevent such from reoccurring? All these questions help to ensure accountability to your task list. In the process of reviewing, you should not refrain from applauding yourself for a task concluded, this helps to raise your spirits.

Make a conscious effort to practice these time management skills and watch as your daily activities or projects are achieved and your day run smoothly.  “Time is money”, so make your time count.

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